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What is xamplr?

Xamplr helps you practice vocabulary with real-world examples written and vetted by users. The site was created by a high school teacher and his students. Each vocabulary term includes a three step process...

1. Learn

First you'll learn the vocabulary term's forms, definition, and three stock examples to give you a good idea of the concept in different situations.

2. Practice

Next you'll identify the cards in a deck of 10 unidentified items as either examples, non-examples, definitions or garbage. Some items are known to us. For others, your votes will help make our examples database better.

3. Create

Finally you'll write your own example and then choose a non-example from a list of real examples of a unrelated terms. All your examples and non-examples will show up in other users' practice decks.

What can you do with Xamplr?

Xamplr is great for studying, teaching and sharing examples of vocabulary. Got an upcoming vocabulary test? Need to teach some vocab without subjecting yourself or your students to more flashcards, worksheets or failed note-taking strategies?

Study with Xamplr

Create, find and share lists of vocabulary. Keep track of your own progress with your lists.

Teach with Xamplr

Create classroom sections, enroll students and then assign your vocabulary lists, fill-in-the-blank activities and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) to your sections. Write instructions to students. Keep track of your students' progress.

Share Xamplr

Every term on Xamplr is also a shareable page that you can send to others who may need practice with that term. Like on social media, when someone uses a word incorrectly. :-)

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Our Pricing Options

Individual study on Xamplr is free! Giving our users access to a wide array of vocabulary examples is our main mission. To support this mission and cover our operating costs we also offer Xamplr Premium to give teachers unlimited features in their classrooms.

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  • unlimited individual study

  • freebies for teachers
  • 15 free vocab list assignments
  • 10 free example presentations
  • 5 free fill-in-the-blank assignments
  • 1 free Student Learning Outcome (SLO) with pre-post data analysis
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Per Year

  • unlimited features for teachers
  • unlimited vocab list assignments
  • unlimited example presentations
  • unlimited fill-in-the-blank assignments
  • unlimited Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) with pre-post data analysis
  • unlimited list length on all assignments
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What's the story here?

I made Xamplr to help my students learn the abstract vocabulary in my AP Psychology class. I enlisted a few dozen super-talented students to help write and vet the stock examples. Thousands of users, and more each day, have helped to contribute to our example database. We all think it's a better way to study vocabulary. Try it out. I bet you agree.

Brad Wray, High School Teacher, creator of Xamplr